What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease characterized by a high concentration of sugar (glucose) in blood and urine. Is a chronic metabolic disease that occurs due to metabolic disorder, and can cause various damage to many organs of the body. The name of the disease in Latin, Diabetes Mellitus, means "sweet URINE".diabetes

מצאתם טעות דווחו לנו 

What Causes Diabetes?

One of the ingredients in our food is carbohydrates – in other words, sugars. These sugars are absorbed in the blood by the insulin hormone, thus the body uses them to supply energy when needed. Diabetes is a relative or total deficiency of insulin, a hormone secreted from the pancreas into blood, in response to an increase in sugar levels, such as after a meal. As a result, the sugars are not absorbed properly in the blood and the body's function is damaged.

Diabetes has been known for many years but the reasons for its appearance were discovered only at the end of the 19th century. In 1935, the disease was officially divided into three types, now known as type 1 diabetes – juvenile diabetes, type 2 diabetes – adult diabetes and gestational diabetes. There is also a condition called "hidden diabetes" where insulin values ​​are reasonable but insoles are not produced quickly or in large quantities. This type is not detected in a normal blood test and a "sugar loading" test is required to detect it. In most cases, covert diabetes becomes overt diabetes.


How do you treat diabetes?

There are a variety of stages of treatment for diabetics in order to balance the disease and prevent complications and injuries in the body:

Exercise – Many studies show that regular exercise can result in a decrease in blood glucose level and thus prevent complications of diabetes.

Adequate diet – diabetes often occurs along with an increase in blood lipids, high blood pressure, and excess weight. Proper diet and weight loss, if necessary, are very helpful in achieving and maintaining diabetes balance.

Drug therapy – when the main goal is to achieve a balance of blood insulin level, treatment with various drugs helps to reduce blood sugar level over time.

Diabetes is now recognized as a global epidemic. It is important to treat the disease as early as possible to prevent damage and damage to organs and systems in the body.

al blood test and a "sugar loading" test is required to detect it. In most cases, covert diabetes becomes overt diabetes.


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