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All the required information about the bituach leumi.  National Insurance Institute forms the phone number of the National Insurance Institute

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National Insurance bituach leumi is a government institution whose purpose is to protect the citizens of the state economically and to provide them with an initial layer of government assistance. In Israel, the National Insurance Institute operates through compulsory payments that it imposes on employees and through national insurance contributions for the self-employed and it serves all citizens of the state regardless of religion, race or gender. The receipt of assistance and benefits, the realization of social security rights, or professional rehabilitation involves submitting a claim to  the National Insurance Institute

Call Center bituach leumi

National Insurance operates a telephone information center in four languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Amharic, Russian

Phone number bituach leumi Center 6050 * or 04-8812345

Opening hours of the National Insurance Institute from Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 to 17:00

At the National Insurance Institute you can obtain personal information when the applicant has a National Insurance Code on the personal website. General information can be obtained without the submission of a Social Security ID

Claims bituach leumi

Claims against insurance are complex and complex. If a claim against National Insurance is not submitted correctly and accurately, it can cause the plaintiff financial damage that will make it difficult for him to cope with the injury. In these cases, consultation with a company for realizing medical rights should be considered. Along with workers' rights in Israel, hundreds of lawyers specialize in National Insurance claims.

Most of the companies involved in the realization of medical rights allow a first meeting for free in a variety of general disability issues, representation in medical committees of the National Insurance Institute and recognition of work accidents.

Disability bituach leumi Form 211

Form 211 National Insurance is used to file a claim for the exercise of claims for medical insurance. Through the form, a claim can be filed for the receipt of disability and incapacity in the National Insurance Institute and for the percentage of disability and National Insurance allowance.

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